COCCON and EM27/SUN Community Conferences

We are offering telephone conferences for all EM27/SUN users.

We are offering telecons for all EM27/SUN users which are interested.
These telecons provide the possibility for discussion, exchange of information, for users to present their work and learning from each other.

If you are interested in joining, please contact benedikt herkommer does-not-exist.kit edu.

Here, the minutes and the presentations of the previous telecons are given:

June 6th, 2024:


April, 25th, 2024:

January, 18th, 2024:

August, 24th, 2023:

Januar, 17th, 2023:

October, 25th, 2022:

August, 23rd, 2022:

May 24th, 2022:

March 31st, 2022:

January 25th, 2022:

November 4th, 2021:

September 9th, 2021:

July 22nd, 2021:

May 4th, 2021: