Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing (IMK-ASF)

Instrumental Standards

The instrumental standard is based on the EM27/SUN spectrometer that is commercially available through a renowned manufacturer of FTIR spectrometers (Bruker Optics, Ettlingen, Germany) since 2014. In contrast, the existing FTIR networks like TCCON and NDACC are characterized by a larger variety of instrumental setups between the stations, which makes ensuring identical reliable performance more demanding.

Reported EM27/SUN Problems

Date of notification: March 25, 2019.
Date of incident: March 18, 2019 (1st event) and March 25, 2019 (2nd event)

Instrument's serial number: 75
Instrument's location: University of Toronto, Canada

Setup description:
Instrument is set up in a Robodome located at the roof top of the physics department building and is controlled remotely. Last set up was March 1st. The instrument was not turned off since.

Opus stopped taking measurements and froze. The following OPUS error occured:
"Optical bench is in STANDBY mode". See Fig.1 and Fig.2.

Temporary solution:
Restart the instrument (turn off and on the EM27/SUN).