PROFFIT (PROFILE FIT) is the retrieval tool used at IMK to analyse the solar absorption spectra measured with high-resolution ground-based FTIR spectrometers. 

Various retrieval options are implemented, that can be chosen individually for each gas to be retrieved in a joint fit of several MWs:

  • Scaling of a-priori profile
  • Tikhonov-Phillips (TP) method
  • Optimal Estimation (OE) method
  • Scaling of a-priori profile in restricted height regime (used for evaluation of ClO)

The next figure shows an example of an O3 profile retrieved with PROFFIT:




The averaging kernels show the response of the resulting profile due to a change of the profile at a single height level.
The example for O3 show a sensitive height range of up to 35 km and approx. 4 independent layers:


For further details please contact Frank Hase or see paper:

Hase, F., J.W. Hannigan, M.T. Coffey, A. Goldman, M. Höpfner, N.B. Jones, C.P. Rinsland, S.W. Wood: Intercomparison of retrieval codes used for the analysis of high-resolution, ground-based FTIR measurements, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 87, 25–52, 2004.