Climate research: ICON weather and climate model goes open source

Public access contributes to better transparency in science and makes it possible to jointly improve climate predictions worldwide.

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Thomas von ClarmannPrivat
The Institute mourns Thomas von Clarmann

"You can't give life more days, but you can give days more life."


The IMK-ASF mourns the loss of its colleague Thomas von Clarmann, who sadly passed away on 13.01.2024.

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KIT is planning for climate research in space

The CAIRT satellite mission aims to clarify how the Earth's atmosphere reacts to climate change.

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Prof. Dr. Joachim Curtius (rechts) überreicht den Preis an Dr. Sören Johansson.M. Höpfner (KIT-IMK-ASF)
Dr. Sören Johansson receives the award for the best HALO publication

During the HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft) Symposium on 9 November 2023, Dr. Sören Johansson received the award for the best HALO publication 2023 for his work on upper atmosphere pollution from fires in the Amazonian region.

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Dr. Eva Pauli erhält den Lauer-Preis von Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix (Lauer-Stiftung, links) und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Anderl (Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, rechts). Foto: Jan Cermak Jan Cermak
Dr. Eva Pauli received the 2023 award of the Wilhelm-Lauer-Foundation

In the course of a festive event in Frankfurt on 21 September 2023, Dr. Eva Pauli received the 2023 award of the Wilhelm-Lauer-Foundation.

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GLORIA aircraft campaign PHILEAS over the Mediterranean and Alaska

In August and September 2023, the IMK-ASF uses the infrared spectrometer GLORIA on the research aircraft HALO to investigate atmospheric pollution at 5-14 km altitude caused by forest fires as well as by the Asian monsoon.
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The 5th project meeting of the SPARC Activity TUNER (Towards Unified Error Reporting) will be held at IMK from 18-20 April 2023.

This activity aims at providing standardized ways of reporting error budgets of satellite measurements of atmospheric temperature and composition. 

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Christian Scharunprivat
Christian Scharun wins South German Science Slam Championships

With his victory at the South German Championships, Christian Scharun qualified for the German Science Slam finals.

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NFDI4Earth TA2 workshopKIT
NFDI4Earth TA2 Workshop at KIT

The NFDI4Earth Task Area "2Facilitate" held a successful 1.5-day workshop at Campus South in Karlsruhe on 20th/21st of October 2022. It served both as a get-together and networking in person and as a focused meeting on the contents and plans for the task area.

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logo_DEDigital Earth
Digital Earth book published

With contributions from the IMK-ASF, the Digital Earth book "Integrating Data Science and Earth Science - Challenges and Solutions" was published by Springer-Verlag in mid-July.

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MessballonThomas Gulde
GLORIA-B launched on stratospheric balloon in Canada

This flight extends the time series of KIT measurements with specially developed IR remote sensing spectrometers on stratospheric balloons. Since 1989, 26 large balloon launches were carried out to investigate the chemical composition of the atmosphere (up to ~40 km) under changing conditions by climate change.

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MessballonHans Nordmeyer, IMK-ASF/KIT
Atmospheric research: Balloon measurement campaign in Sweden

KIT researchers and partners jointly investigate Earth System connections in high altitudes

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Christian ScharunMelanie Bauer
Christian Scharun wins Falling Walls Lab Karlsruhe

The jury and audience award of the Falling Walls Lab Karlsruhe went to Christian Scharun with "Breaking the Wall of Greenhouse Gas Emissions".

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Atmospheric Research: The CAIRT Satellite Concept Selected as a Candidate for "Earth Explorer 11”

ESA Has Selected Four Candidates for a New Earth Observation Satellite – KIT’s Proposal Focuses on Changes in the Earth's Atmosphere.

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Atmospheric research: Airbus A350 becomes a research aircraft

In the IAGOS-CARIBIC European research infrastructure coordinated by KIT, a 1.7-ton measurement laboratory is used in the cargo hold of a converted passenger aircraft. The technical requirements for this have now been met.

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10th anniversary of the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA)

The European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) celebrates its 10th anniversary on 10 March 2021. Interview with climate researcher Peter Braesicke, Chair of the Alliance.

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Digital GipfelKIT
Digital Summit 2020: Understanding methane emissions from the North Sea

Scientists want to evaluate local methane sources in the North Sea using high-resolution modelling.

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DMG Honorary Membership for Prof. Herbert Fischer

The German Meteorological Society awards honorary membership to Professor Herbert Fischer, former director of the IMK-ASF (1986-2009).

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Excellent: Digitisation for Earth System Research

The "Digital Earth" project with KIT participation was awarded a special prize for Digital Science at the Digital Leader Award.

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Atmospheric research between Germany and Tierra del Fuego - the SouthTRAC campaign

For the SouthTRAC aircraft measurement campaign, a KIT team and other partners started to Tierra del Fuego at the end of 2019 and targeted the so far little explored southern atmosphere.

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Atmospheric research: Pollutant concentration during the corona pandemic

In the BLUESKY project, scientists are investigating the effects that the shutdown of social and economic life has on the atmosphere.

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Climate change continues

Even during the Covid 19 crisis, climate change continues. Climate neutrality must play an important role in economic support for development after Covid-19.

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Dissertation award for Julia Fuchs

Scientist honoured for best PhD thesis of the last two years.

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Composition and origin of the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer (ATAL) uncovered

A comprehensive study lead by IMK-ASF and published in Nature Geoscience reveals solid ammonium nitrate particles forming due to ammonia emissions at ground as a major component of the ATAL at 12-18 km altitude.

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Modellansatz - MethanKIT - modellansatz
Podcast on modelling of methane with ICON-ART - joint venture of ESM and DE

Jennifer Schröter and Christian Scharun from IMK-ASF got the invitation to talk on the podcast „Modellansatz“ of the Department of Mathematics of KIT.
This podcast deals with recent modelling activities and strategies for the global atmospheric model ICON-ART. Together with Gudrun Thäter they discuss challenges when it comes to modelling the greenhouse gase methane, in particular.
The modelling activities are carried out in the scope of the Helmholtz Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity (ESM) and Digital Earth (DE) project.

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GruppenphotoBMS (KIT-IMK-ASF)
Trilateral science workshop on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

A workshop on “Opportunities for scientific collaboration between Argentina, Chile and Germany in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere of the Southern Hemisphere”, organized by KIT-IMK-ASF and CONICET, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, was held in Buenos Aires from 30-31 October 2018. More than 30 scientists from Germany, Argentina and Chile took part to discuss and define possible joint projects.

Detailed view of a tropopause fold

GLORIA observations across the polar front jet stream resolve the mesoscale fine structure of a tropopause fold in unprecedented detail and validate ECMWF IFS high-resolution forecasts.

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Scientific Ozone Assessment: 2018Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018
A Lesson for Climate Protection: 30 Years of Montreal Ozone Agreement

The Executive Summary (ES) of the “Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018” has been released. In a large international effort scientists, including KIT IMK-ASF researchers, have been assessing the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol in protecting the ozone layer. The ES describes the current state and projected recovery of the ozone layer, including when the ozone hole will vanish.

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KIT best german university in „Atmospheric Science“

In the "Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)" Atmospheric Sciences at KIT ranked 16th world-wide, 1st in Germany, and best research field at KIT.


PI 072/2018KIT / IMK-ASF
The Asian monsoon

Paper in Science describes implications of emissions from Asian air pollution.

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Climate Award for Hendrik Andersen

Reinhard Süring Foundation honors scientist at 11th German Climate Symposium.

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Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Preis 2017 für Johannes Orphal

Académie des Sciences in Paris würdigt Karlsruher Klimaforscher

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Diurnal variations of BrONO2 observed by MIPAS-B at midlatitudes and in the Arctic

The main goal of these observations was to check the current understanding of stratospheric bromine chemistry and to estimate the amount of lower-stratospheric inorganic bromine, which has been assessed to be about 21–25 pptv.

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MIPAS-Envisat observations of the stratospheric age of air

shed light on the variation of the stratospheric residual circulation in time scales of years, and help to uncover gaps of current understanding.

Links to the highlights: http://www.imk-asf.kit.edu/english/2984.php; http://www.imk-asf.kit.edu/english/3024.php

Fog measurement campaign in the Namib desert

In the project Namib Fog Life Cycle Analysis (NaFoLiCA), scientists from the KIT are investigating the dynamics of the fog in the Namib together with other partners.

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Climate change: How the monsoon lifts the greenhouse gases up

Research aircraft HALO: Atmospheric scientists investigate the connections between monsoon and greenhouse gases and their effects on the global climate.

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With the high-altitude aircraft in the Asian monsoon

Climate research: International team investigates the air at altitudes of up to 20 kilometers - ammonia is the focus of the KIT scientists.

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Sky over Europe: air quality measurement campaign

Mission with the research aircraft HALO investigates the influence of air pollution from large european cities on the earth's atmosphere.

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Climate research: AtmoSat excellently evaluated by the German Science Council

The Scientific Council evaluates infrastructures as the basis for the decision on the National Roadmap. He describes the data generated by the AtmoSat concept as "unique" and "of the highest relevance".

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German climate researchers make clear facts about climate change

Statement by the German Climate Consortium (DKK) with the participation of Prof. Braesicke on the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement

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Second POLSTRACC Science Workshop

The IMK-ASF is organizing on 05/06 July the 2nd International POLSTRACC Science Workshop.

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New emission modul for ICON-ART

With the new emission module, the atmospheric distribution of acetone was simulated with ICON-ART for the first time.

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