Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing (IMK-ASF)

Interactions in the Atmospheric System (IAS)

Interactions in the Atmospheric System are investigated using different models and are tested against satellite and radiosonde data for plausibility and validity.


Some research areas we are working on:

  • Fast changes in stratospheric dynamics ad O3

  • How well can we capture them in models?
  • Polar Stratospheric Clouds in CCMs

  • Validation of ozone calculated with CCMs

  • Ozone Anomaly Correlations (OAC)

  • Climatic impacts of the ozone hole

  • Ozone CCI Project (part of the ESA Programme on Global Monitoring of Essential Climate Variables (ECV))
  • Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM (Regionale Klimaänderungen/Regional climate change) (consortium of nine research centres within the Helmholtz assosciation)
  • Indian summer monsoon anticyclone

  • Asian winter monsoon cold surges