Projects completed:

MUSICA (MUlti-platform remote Sensing of Isotopologues for investigating the Cycle of Atmospheric water)

MUSICA was an ERC grant for Matthias Schneider for the remote sensing of water isotopologues from different platforms. 



RemoteC (Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases for Carbon Cycle Modelling)

RemoteC was an Emmy Nöther project from Andre Butz supported by DFG.

The objective of RemoteC was remote sensing of greenhouse gases to model the carbon cycle.


InGOS (Integrated non_CO2 Greenhouse gas Observing System)

InGOS (Integrated non_CO2 Greenhouse gas Observing System) was an EU FP7 project, which aimed at the improvement of European observing capabilities of non-CO2 greenhouse gases.





Network of Remote Sensing Ground-Based Observations in support of the GMES Atmospheric Service (NORS)

NORS was an EU FP7 funded project with 'the principal objective to improve the quality and validation of the products delivered by the GMES Atmospheric Service (GAS), using independent groundbased remote sensing data from the international Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC)'.





Global Earth Observation and Monitoring (GEOMon)





Geomon was a European funded project which aims to quantify and understand on-going changes in the atmosphere through systematic observations of long-lived greenhouse gases, reactive gases, aerosols and stratospheric ozone.'



Hydrogen, Methane and Nitrous oxide:
Trend variability, budgets and interactions with the biosphere (HYMN)



HYMN was a European funded project which studied atmospheric cycles of methane, nitrous oxide and hydrogen.


Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (SCOUT-O3)


  SCOUT-O3 was a European funded project which aims to provide predictions about the evolution of the coupled chemistry/climate system, with emphasis on ozone change in the lower stratosphere.


Time series of Upper Free Troposphere observations from a european ground-based FTIR network (UFTIR)



UFTIR was a European funded project which developed a common strategy for the optimal retrieval of time series of tropospheric abundances of the target gases from solar FTIR spectra from the European part of the NDACC network (at that time called NDSC).


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