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The processing and analysis of the FTIR measurements requires firstly a preprocessing of the raw interferograms for the generation of spectra and secondly the quantitative analysis of the absorption spectra for the determination of the desired trace gas abundances. For the latter task, a radiative transfer code and an inversion scheme is applied which fits synthetic spectra to the measurements. For this purpose, the KIT offers source-open tools for both the preprocessing PREPROCESS and the subsequent quantitative trace gas analysis named PROFFAST. PREPROCESS has been developed in the framework of the COCCON-PROCEEDS project supported by ESA. PROFFAST has been developed at KIT to offer a user-friendly application for the trace gas analysis with an optimized performance. PROFFAST accepts *.mod files as used in TCCON for ensuring identical choices for the temperature and water vapor profiles, and the a-priori vertical profiles of the target gases.

New PROFFAST Software:
PROFFASTv2.4 (Version 2.4)
Please download the PROFFASTpylot first in order to run PROFFASTv2.x.
PROFFASTpylot Version 1.3. requires PROFFASTv2.4.
Outdated PROFFAST versions are still available here.

Repository PROFFASTpylot
The documentation on how to run PROFFASTpylot is part of the GitLab repository.

Example Data: example_data_sodankyla (March 24, 2023)

Document Download: Instrument-Calibration (April 30, 2021) and Suplement (Alberti et al., 2022)

User Manuals: PROFFAST_User-Manual_Dec-2023 and EM27SUN_Operational-Manual_May-2014

TCCON PROFFAST Support: TCCON-Wiki-Caltech