Hardware description

Notes about MIRA2, our 278 GHz radiometer
fig.1: schematic diagram of the MIRA2 frontend
fig. 2: MIRA2 frontend
fig. 3: lower plane of MIRA2's frontend
System characteristics:
Frequency range 268-281 GHz
IF center 2.1 GHz
Bandwidth 1.4 GHz
Receiver noise temperature 750 K
Mixer Whisker contacted Schottky Diode Mixer
Physical mixer temperature 30 K
Beam waist radius (w0) 10 mm
Apertures 2 · w0
Diplexer Fabry-Pérot
Singlesideband filter Martin Pupplett
Acousto Optical Spectrometer (AOS)
Number of channels 2048
Bandwidth 1.4 GHz
Frequency resolution 1.2 MHz