The Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing (IMK-ASF) investigates dynamic, microphysical and chemical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere, with the goal to understand, quantify and predict its natural variability and long-term changes.

Accurate measurements of atmospheric trace gases, aerosols and clouds from various observational platforms (ground-based stations, air craft, balloons, satellites) provide the data that are required for the modelling of atmospheric processes.

Particular focus of the activities of IMK-ASF is to investigate the complex links and feedbacks between climate change, dynamics and transport, and atmospheric chemistry.

Christian Scharunprivat
Christian Scharun wins South German Science Slam Championships

With his victory at the South German Championships, Christian Scharun qualified for the German Science Slam finals.

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NFDI4Earth TA2 workshopKIT
NFDI4Earth TA2 Workshop at KIT

The NFDI4Earth Task Area "2Facilitate" held a successful 1.5-day workshop at Campus South in Karlsruhe on 20th/21st of October 2022. It served both as a get-together and networking in person and as a focused meeting on the contents and plans for the task area.

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MessballonThomas Gulde
GLORIA-B launched on stratospheric balloon in Canada

This flight extends the time series of KIT measurements with specially developed IR remote sensing spectrometers on stratospheric balloons. Since 1989, 26 large balloon launches were carried out to investigate the chemical composition of the atmosphere (up to ~40 km) under changing conditions by climate change.

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logo_DEDigital Earth
Digital Earth book published

With contributions from the IMK-ASF, the Digital Earth book "Integrating Data Science and Earth Science - Challenges and Solutions" was published by Springer-Verlag in mid-July.

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