MUSICA IASI full retrieval product extended output (processing version 3.2.1)

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Terms of data use:

The data are provided with the license: CC BY 4.0 Attribution.


Data format:

The product is provided as netcdf data files compliant with version 1.7 of the CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata convention.


Data volume:

The size of this data file is about 73 MB.



The data processing is the same as for the data product “MUSICA IASI full retrieval product standard output (processing version 3.2.1)”. The data encompass the retrieval output for a total of 74 observations over the polar site of Sodankylä (67.4°N), the mid-latitudinal site of Lindenberg (52.2°N), and the tropical site of Manus Island (2.0°N).  

In addition to variables of the standard output data files, this extended output data file contains detailed information on Jacobians and gain matrices. The extended output information can be used to assess the impact of different uncertainty sources, like surface emissivity or spectroscopic parameters, and different cloud types on the retrieval results, for the three different climate zones (polar, mid-latitudinal, tropical).


Achiving information:

The data file is referenced with DOI:10.35097/412.