COCCON Members

Dear COCCON-members,

for future data evaluations on the Central Facility and for generating GEOMS compliant HDF output files (as used by ESA and NASA for validation of spaceborne sensors), we would kindly ask you to provide us the desired name, the affiliation, the address and the email of the Principal Investigator (PI), of the Data Originator (DO), and of the Data Submitter (DS) of your EM27SUN site (example for measurements taken in Karlsruhe given below, please also note the pdf document geoms-1.0 and the EVDC ESA data protocoll).

Your choice can be context-sensitive, e.g. you can provide us several choices per spectrometer and/or per campaign timeframe, if required.

Many thanks for your contribution !

Sincerely yours,
the COCCON Team

PS: The entries for the name, affiliation and address are required in a specific format.
Two entries for the name and affiliation as well as three entries for the address are mandatory, each separated by a semicolon.
The valid entries for the affiliation and the country are listed in the file tableattrvalue_04RXXX.dat.

PI_NAME = Hase;Frank
PI_AFFILIATION = Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;KIT
PI_ADDRESS = P.O. Box 3640;D-76021 Karlsruhe;GERMANY
PI_EMAIL = frank hase does-not-exist.kit edu

DO_NAME = Alberti;Carlos
DO_AFFILIATION = Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;KIT
DO_ADDRESS = P.O. Box 3640;D-76021 Karlsruhe;GERMANY
DO_EMAIL = carlos alberti does-not-exist.kit edu

DS_NAME = Dubravica;Darko
DS_AFFILIATION = Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;KIT
DS_ADDRESS = P.O. Box 3640;D-76021 Karlsruhe;GERMANY
DS_EMAIL = darko dubravica does-not-exist.kit edu

Account on the Central Facility

Preparations (if not already done)
1. install any ssh-client on the device you like to use as remote
(e.g. for Windows: bitvise SSH client from
2. create your "personal" SSH v2 key pair
(we recommend to use ed25519 or rsa encryption with >=4096 bits keylength)
3. keep the private part of the key pair secret !!!
4. send us the public part of the key pair by email
5. choose a user name (e.g. "kit" for KIT, Karlsruhe)

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems.
For help with all the preparations please contact your IT staff first
(they know best which software to use and how to install it on your computer).

In order to log in for data exchange, we recommend the software Bitvise for Windows users.
But in principle any SSH software can be used for this purpose.

Information about the settings

Port 22
Username (your username)
Initial Method publickey
Client Key Global
Passphrase (your passphrase)