• Contact:

    Miriam Sinnhuber

  • Project Group:

    Andreas Bartenschlager

  • Funding:

    Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG, SPP 1992 "Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets"

  • Partner:

    Dr. Konstantin Herbst, CAU Kiel

    Dr. Lee Grenfell, DLR Adlershof, Berln

  • Start Date:


  • End Date:


Within the project “The INfluence of strong stellar particle events and galactic Cosmic Rays on Exoplanetary AtmoSpherEs (INCREASE)“ together with our cooperation partners we investigate the influence of energetic stellar and cosmic particles on the composition of the atmosphere of exoplanets. In particular, a look at important biosignatures such as ozone is of importance here, as well as the impact on observable spectral signatures of the exoplanetary atmospheres.