Land Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (LST CCI+)

  • Contact:

    Frank Göttsche

    Lluis Perez Planells

    Maria Martin


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  • Partner:

    University of Leicester, National Centre for Earth Observation, University of Reading, Instituto Português do Mar e da Amosfera, ACRI ST, Met Office Hadley Centre, Universitat de Valencia, Estellus, Danish Meteorological Institute, Universität Hamburg, Max-Planck-Institut für Biogeochemie, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Meteo Romania

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In 2016, the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) included Land Surface Temperature (LST) in its list of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). These variables are important to understand the climate system of the Earth. ESAs Climate Change Initiative (CCI) aims at contributing long-term and quality controlled observations to the needed data bases of these ECVs. Our group is part of the LST CCI project which intends to provide an accurate view of LSTs over different land covers globally. Furthermore, a long-term LST data record will be developed including LST from various satellite data sets. The high quality of these data sets is ensured via validation, which is our focus in the project.