The HALO (High Altitude and LOng Range Research Aircraft) mission POLSTRACC (Polar Stratosphere in a Changing Climate) aims at providing new scientific knowledge on the structure, composition and evolution of the Arctic upper troposphere and lower stratosphere in a changing climate. The POLSTRACC field campaign is scheduled for the arctic winter 2015/16 in Kiruna, Sweden. POLSTRACC will be coordinated with the ROMIC Project GW-LCYCLE (Investigation of the life cycle of gravity waves) and the SALSA Project (Seasonality of Air mass transport and origin in the Lowermost Stratosphere using the HALO Aircraft).


On the way on 48000 feet. The expedition with POLSTRACC investigates the connection between climate change and the polar sphere. A KIT camera team accompanied the scientists in Kiruna / Sweden from the planning stage to the flight.

In the POLSTRACC campaign, KIT scientists, among others, investigate the influence of climate change on the polar stratosphere and the tropopause region. For their measurement flights they used the research aircraft HALO - a converted business jet with numerous measurement instruments on board.

Thomas Latzko is a mathematician. At KIT, he is doing his doctorate at the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research. On the POLSTRACC measurement campaign he is responsible for data evaluation of the GLORIA measurement instrument. He talks about his work and the special features of a campaign in the video.


For more information on the international coexistence and work at KIT, see issue 1.2106 of the online magazine clicKIT at www.kit.edu/clickit