RAT (Retrieval of Atmospheric Trace gas profiles)

RAT (Retrieval of Atmospheric Trace gas profiles) is a software tool for analysis of atmospheric infrared spectra. It enables the user to derive trace gas distributions from measured spectra by a number of different numerical approaches, including nonlinear least squares fit. Details are reported in "RAT: a computational tool for retrieval of atmospheric trace gas profiles from infrared spectra", T.v. Clarmann, KfK-Report 5423, 1994. This program has successfully been applied to:
  • MIPAS-B spectra (limb emission spectra measured from a balloon-borne platform.
  • MIPAS-STR spectra (airborne uplooking emission measurements)
  • MIPAS-LM spectra (groundbased solar absorption spectroscopy)
  • BRUKER IFS 120M and IFS 120HR spectra (high-resolution groundbased solar absorption spectroscopy)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thomas von Clarmann.