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Access and Usage conditions for IMK- and IAA-generated MIPAS-Envisat data

  1. A set of IMK- or IAA-generated MIPAS data can be used by scientists who have specified their research task and have confirmed this data protocol.


  2. Neither IMK nor IAA can give any warranty with respect to any characteristics of the processed MIPAS data. However, we will be very glad in assisting in any question/doubt users may have on the use of the data.


  3. Neither IMK nor IAA accept any further commitment related to these data, such as re-formatting etc., unless there exists a written agreement which rules data exchange.

  4. Use of IMK and IAA-generated MIPAS data in publications is encouraged.


  5. Relevant MIPAS publications have to be referenced in publications where IMK- or IAA generated MIPAS data are used.


  6. Users of MIPAS data generated at IMK or IAA must not redistribute these data to third groups without written permission from IMK or IAA, whoever had processed the data.


  7. Data users who find irregular or unexpected features in the data or suspect errors should inform the IMK and/or IAA data analysis scientists immediately.


  8. Users of IMK/IAA MIPAS data are expected to grant IMK and/or IAA access to their data under conditions similar to those listed here.


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