Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

MIPAS version 8 data available


On 22 January 2019, ESA released version 8 MIPAS level-1 data. These data are supposed to be better calibrated and to have less of a long-term drift, compared to older data versions. IMK uses these data to generate a scientific level-2 product. That is to say, these spectra will be used to infer distributions of more than 30 different trace species in the atmosphere. To proceed to full level-2 with all gases (including the difficult ones), all you need is:


Vast amounts of sturdy storage1 ...           a wild, hot bunch of perspiring processors2 ... cooled down by exquisite elixirs3 ...
StorageCluster Animation Cooler
Power Network1
All pictures and the video are copyright © IMK-ASF, KIT and © Markus Breig, KIT.  
... loads and loads of precious power4 ... ... and networking galore5 !


If you want, besides the visual impression, also experience the related acoustic impression of data processing:

IMK level-2 data are used to inquire into stratospheric ozone chemistry, trends of ozone concentrations and other climate variables, the impact of biomass burning on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, the impact of particle precipitation on the atmosphere, stratospheric circulation and many more atmospheric phenomena. IMK MIPAS data available by now can be accessed here.