Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

MIPAS-IMK water vapour data validated


Comparison of MIPAS with ACE-FTS water vapour profiles.

The MIPAS water vapour profiles retrieved at IMK (version 13) have been validated in an altitude range from 15-50 km by intercomparison with numerous independent in situ and remote measurements (HALOE, ACE-FTS, ILAS0II, POAM III, MIAWARA, MIPAS-B, AMSOS, FLASH-B, the NOAA frostpoint hygrometer, and FISH). No evidence of a MIPAS-specific bias has been found, and the independent measurements in some cases are drier and in other cases are moister than the MIPAS measurements. In tendency, UV and VIS intruments measure more water vapour, while microwave instruments measure less water vapour than the infrared instruments.

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